About Us

Our motto at Princess Yachts Ibiza? Quality – in every aspect that we offer.

Working in teams in the most efficient and advanced facilities, everyone at Princess prides themselves on attention to detail and a meticulous commitment to quality. Each one of our yachts is hand-crafted with top quality materials, taking care of every detail, from the leather to the polished granite or marble. In owning a Princess you can be absolutely confident that the performance and style of your boat is equalled only by its outstanding engineering and build quality.


To make your Princess individual, we provide you with designs that are state-of-the-art. Your preferences will determine the layout and accessories, always with the finest materials.

Princess Yachts Ibiza is proud in working together with the Luxury Yacht Manufactures Princess Yachts International based in Plymouth, in the very cradle of Britain’s maritime heritage, Princess Yachts is regarded as the finest exponent of contemporary yacht design. We take pride in providing the unparalleled luxury product that will carry you to your choice destinations in the best possible way.


Princess Yachts Ibiza is not only an established business with top service, but also a reliable platform which specialises in pampering every need pertaining to your experience with our yachts. Thanks to our extensive experience catering to exclusive clients, we are good at thinking ahead and always being there for you.

Princess Yachts Ibiza – Your Partner for luxury Motor yachts.

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